The Way

A man was going on a journey
So his father asks him if he knew the way
No, he says, can you help me?
Father: Since you know where you want to go then I will send you a guide
Son: Does he know the way, has he been to this place?
Father: Don’t follow him because he says he knows the way
But just enjoy the ride
Later the man comes back to his father
The father asks him if he reached his destination
He says that he left his guide because he began
to travel in the wrong direction
The father says to his son “you have acted in haste”
If you knew the way then why didn’t you show it to him?
The man says, “he seemed to be enjoying the ride”
Father: You thought he would turn back when he noticed you were gone.
Not so, more likely is that he picked up others and is leading them on a journey.
For better or worse
And yet you are back here
Son: No father. I no longer enjoyed the journey
Anytime I asked him where we were he wouldn’t tell me. He knows where I’m headed.
I now know the way. I only came back to ask if you wanted to travel with me there
Father: Tell me son, how will we know we’re going the right way?
Son: You will see how the wrong path has a dead end.
But this route never ends, even after we reach our destination
Father: Why does everyone not just stay on the right path?
Son: Because when the road gets rough they always veer off onto a smoother one
Let us stay the course and persevere


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