The Right Medicine

       If our words are like medicine and can heal wounds and cure sickness, are we giving people an overdose? Can too much words make people sick? Has the medicine been tested for good results? Has it been chosen with the specific patient in mind? What might be effective on one person may not be on someone else. A good doctor will try to check up on his patients to see if they are recovering. Medicine needs to be administered to the right part of the body. The eye, the ear, the mouth, the skin. Is there something they need to see, something they need to hear? Maybe they just need time to digest it. Maybe a hug is all they need. How does it taste, is it sweet? Is it painful, check your tone. There are periods when a medicine shouldn’t be given. How’s your timing? Sometimes no words are necessary, just silence, your presence, a listening ear to show that you care. The best medicine may just be to know and feel their pain, to bear their burden or share their suffering. If you find yourself unable to escape a place or situation, know that there is someone who needs you.