Life is Good

 I had a dream one night
 Someone tells me to go back to school
 I think to myself, “why should I
 let a voice in my head tell me what to do?”
 I decide to get readmitted anyway, thinking that I had nothing to lose
 Let me do this thing to the best of my ability
 I’m happy to walk to school everyday with my bad legs
 (not bad enough for government funds)
 Things are great in the beginning
 Everything is new, the people are friendly
 What am I learning though?
 I can’t understand my spanish professor
 I manage to scrape by with an A+, I need a break from spanish
 Spanish 201 is still required of me, I must take it now before I forget
 Everything I learned in 101
 Dean’s List again. Too bad I don’t care about accolades
 Math is just numbers, Science is just numbers
 Psychology (my major) is just theories, information overload
 A girl gives me a book called “The interpretation of dreams”
 How did she know?
 People are still nice, but distant
 As if they came just to help me and be on their way
 I notice this too well, but I can’t blow their cover
 The dreams get worse and worse, I can’t fall to sleep at night
 Dreams of someone choking me, not being able to breathe
 I’m forced to take a break from school for awhile
 Maybe I should have taken that book more seriously
 Dreams of being choked mean that you are in a situation
 in which you have trouble expressing yourself
 No time for anything else but my studies
 No one will allow me to stare and be silent
 I get accused of thinking too much
 Still trying to make sense of that dream?
 The devil has you paralyzed son
 Where is your success, where is your money, where is your life
 Do you offer training here? No you must have less than 30 college credits
 This place may have something for you, but you may have to lie
 Yeah right!, I can’t compromise my moral principles
 Meanwhile dreams are telling me it’s time to settle down
 Get married and have children. More pressure, more pain
 How many times do I have to tell myself I’m not in a position for that
 Am I being harmed by the expectations of my parents
 How do I escape this place, this box, these games?
 Stay here and take care of these sick cats a dream says to me
 I didn’t really have a choice, but ok
 It’s alright, I saw another rainbow today

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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