Don’t trade the physical for the virtual

Don’t abandon the natural for the artificial

Don’t yield the use of your hands for fingers

Don’t forfeit the use of your feet for a seat

Don’t neglect human contact to touch keys

Don’t mute your voice to type words

Don’t be stingy with your glances to watch screens

Don’t hide your expressions to use emoticons

Don’t exchange the warmth of flesh for cold plastic

Don’t forego closeness for distance

Don’t stifle your aroma to nose into the lives of strangers

Don’t eschew sharing a meal to share a picture of one

Don’t stop going for a walk to go surfing

Don’t pass up a dance to flip through channels

Don’t underestimate the value of your presence

Inspired by a fellow blogger and fellow sisters in Christ


Slippery Slope

When we can’t convince with tender words we use harsh ones

When harsh words are of no use we employ guile

Can’t win with guile and we try sabotage

Sabotage not working we resort to violence

From fists to the blade, to guns to bombs

From person to family to nation to race

Security is achieved for now, but for how long

Let us move in and keep an eye on them all

To prevent a takeover, we know the evil that exists in man

Why are they attacking us for protecting ourselves?

Why all the rage to hold on to this foreign country?

When their is a better one we should be striving to enter