A Good Tree

Birds of many feathers will flock to a good tree

To dwell amongst its branches and feast upon its fruit

Does a tree have eyes to see the birds and their array?

Do not be surprised or say that they are not welcome

Besides, how else will the seed be carried away

To be planted in the tree’s vicinity, so that it
may be surrounded by many good trees

Let them eat of its fruit and be of good health

Do not be shocked when one strikes it with its beak

To burrow into its trunk to create a crevice for itself and its young

When there are two good trees placed side by side

Know that there will be an overabundance of birds

Do not be startled if some traverse from one to the other

When one tree is not yielding much fruit

The other will pick up the slack through pollination

Can a tree see what lies hidden underground?

Do not be alarmed when worms come and damage its roots

For they will only grow back more resilient

Was this not to be expected?

Were they not in the earth before the tree was planted,
and its roots extended to block their course through the dirt?

Therefore accept and shelter the birds, endure the worms

And continue to produce good fruit

Shared Journeys


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