Just Children


Have you ever been called to do something that you didn’t think you were qualified to do? It is a humbling experience and it takes practice to become proficient at the task. In the same way we are all called to be holy people. We will get there, but it will take time. Some will take more time and require more patience on our part than others. Knowing this may help us to be more compassionate and willing to deal with a difficult person. Much frustration can be avoided when we don’t expect others to progress in holiness at the same rate that we have.

In truth we are all like children, we just grew older. Even as adults, sometimes we just want what we want, and we get angry when we can’t have our way. If we think of everyone else as children, or rather, our children, it will be easier to forgive them. This is beneficial to our cultivation of virtues. It’s hard to imagine Adam and Eve, our first human parents being jealous of, or harboring any malice towards their descendants. God could have started over with another man and woman after Adam and Eve sinned, but it seems as though he intended for us all to be one family.

Whether it is a classmate, a co-worker, a spouse, or someone who wishes to harm you, try to see that person as your child. Then you will love that child unconditionally and seek mercy before justice.


4 thoughts on “Just Children

  1. Thank you for linking to your post! I have four children, and I hold them all accountable for the ways they hurt other people. If I was a permissive parent, how would they learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships?

    It gets complicated to see someone as a child when you yourself are a parent… So, in situations like the ones you listed above, I try to see them as God’s children. Being a child of God myself, I know how He parents…. He might appear to be a permissive parent, but indeed He is not! If someone I’m miffed at belongs to God, I am accountable to Him how I respond and treat them. That in itself is enough to keep me from getting entrenched in my own selfishness:)

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    • Just to clarify, I wasn’t saying to be permissive, but to be patient with your husband. Also, when you said “It gets complicated to see someone as a child when you yourself are a parent…” I assume you meant child not parent. I think that age doesn’t always signify a persons level of maturity. I would think that you being a parent would help you to see even adults as children in some sense. Everything else you wrote I agrree with.


      • No, I meant it exactly as I typed it, lol! Being a parent requires a certain mentality– one that, when taken with your partner, can cause problems. If you step into a parental role or tone with someone who is your equal, you are bound to offend. It is equivalent to taking a superior position and looking at another as being inferior. That’s the opposite if what Christ calls us to! The boundaries and expectations are far different between an actual parent/child and other relationships. Regardless of level of maturity. Does that make sense?


      • You are right about the tone of voice and trying to assume a superior role. When I speak of seeing someone as a child I mean to realize that, like children, an adult will have his shortcomings and that it may take a lot of time patience and effort to see them through those shortcomings. I’m sure you would never leave your children if they were becoming too difficult. I think that the bible supports staying with an unreasonable or unbelieving husband. And yes what you said makes sense and I understand what you are saying. Don’t mind me too much though. You are the one with the experience. I wish you and your family all the best.


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