Living Waters

This is one of the most heartfelt dreams I have had in recent memory.

A woman is almost fully submerged in mud. She is trying to keep her head above to breathe. She then goes fully under and comes back up again. She then proceeds to hoist herself onto the land and with difficulty drag herself across the ground. At one point I hear people cheering. She makes her way toward a man who is sitting resting by a tree. The man has blood on his face and there is water pouring from the tree and deflecting off of the man. The woman comes near and takes a drink of the water. She then sits next to the man and rests herself against the man’s chest. Then I see a man nearby looking on as if he is jealous.

I believe that the man was supposed to represent me, and the tree represents Jesus. The water is his teachings. The blood on the man’s face is his struggles and suffering. The mud that the woman was in is fear, doubt, or disbelief. The cheering to me is the rejoicing of the angels at the woman’s perseverance.

I think that the message is clear and can be for anyone. In everything that we do or say, and how we present ourselves, we should always try to exhibit a genuine christlike character. Don’t be afraid of being yourself and sharing our faith. I also think that we should always seek opportunities to share the stories of our trials, especially when we have overcome. Not for praise, but to uplift others.



5 thoughts on “Living Waters

  1. Had the same dream too months ago. I fell down to the river while walking along the bank. I struggled to go ashore in vain and was carried by the strong current to the open and muddy sea. When I submerged into the water i thought that was it. Suddenly a hand out of nowhere held my left arm and helped me get to the shore. It was a man. All the people at the shore clapped joyfully. And there was one man who looked sternly as if he was jealous… I believe it was God who helped me… it’s amazing how the universe send us messages. thanks for sharing this Phillip.

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