Game Of Life

The next generation has begun, the new systems have launched

These new systems are not backwards compatible

They were designed to break down

so that the old games can no longer be played

New players can have no nostalgia for these old games

Memory cards are not used anymore

History and progress is now stored in the cloud

Out of reach of up and coming players

No more treasure chests and hidden gems to discover

Players are unable to trade games freely with friends

They are neither passed down to the new players

They must register for their own accounts

Registration is free, but the cost of playing with pals has gone up

Virtual reality is the new gimmick to keep the player hooked

The old systems didn’t last because they were overplayed

The players lacked physical contact and outside exposure

These new gimmicks threaten to deprive them of these things completely

The controllers are streamlined to fit a player’s hands and head

The controllers are no longer attached to the system

But are now a part of the player

The game ends when full emersion is achieved

When the developers have control of the system, games and player



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