A No Money Society

A Non-Monetary Based Society/A Land Based Society


1. People have more freedom to pursue what they love.

2. People less likely to accumulate wealth and exploit others.

3. People act out of love and responsibility rather than greed.

4. People make more quality products that are good for people when not focussing on revenue.

5. People work to grow their own food. They get exercise (better health) and become more conscious of what they eat and how it is produced.

6. No more people dying of starvation (everyone own their own land).


1. People may not want to do the more demanding/unpleasant but necessary jobs.

Example: Sanitation, Janitorial, Military, Farming

2. People may get addicted to things if everything is free.

3. People may still make low quality products if it becomes/makes them popular.

4. People don’t want to sacrifice their ability to have children

when there is no more land to be acquired


1. People have the freedom to trade jobs with others.

2. Create a lack of supply in the highly desired product or service.

Overconsumption of one thing is detrimental to one’s health.

3. Low quality products will likely become reviled (people tiring of replacing/upgrading)


A Money Based Society


1. People can accumulate wealth and purchase what they need at their leisure.

2. It promotes hard work and creative thinking. People who are hardworking or are

creative/savvy tend to have more than those who are not.

3. People can purchase products anonymously.


1. Many people will be tempted to accumulate too much money, either because

of greed or for security in times of crisis.

2.The desire to have more money, status, or things than others is unhealthy and selfish.

3. Illegal and destructive items may be purchased.


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