Eyes To See

Separated from the earth
Our bodies and minds confined in boxes
Oblivious, we forgot how to live in peace
Reproduction, overpopulation, death
The cycle continues, who is at fault?
We place the blame on others and wonder why
Why did my child have to die so young?
Why are they killing each other?
Nature is trying to restore balance
And they say there is no God
How could he allow this to happen?
We expect infinite growth in a finite world
Moving and thinking backwards,
But not looking back to the past
We know the answers, but are too afraid to apply them
The future is our responsibility



Living Waters

This is one of the most heartfelt dreams I have had in recent memory.

A woman is almost fully submerged in mud. She is trying to keep her head above to breathe. She then goes fully under and comes back up again. She then proceeds to hoist herself onto the land and with difficulty drag herself across the ground. At one point I hear people cheering. She makes her way toward a man who is sitting resting by a tree. The man has blood on his face and there is water pouring from the tree and deflecting off of the man. The woman comes near and takes a drink of the water. She then sits next to the man and rests herself against the man’s chest. Then I see a man nearby looking on as if he is jealous.

I believe that the man was supposed to represent me, and the tree represents Jesus. The water is his teachings. The blood on the man’s face is his struggles and suffering. The mud that the woman was in is fear, doubt, or disbelief. The cheering to me is the rejoicing of the angels at the woman’s perseverance.

I think that the message is clear and can be for anyone. In everything that we do or say, and how we present ourselves, we should always try to exhibit a genuine christlike character. Don’t be afraid of being yourself and sharing our faith. I also think that we should always seek opportunities to share the stories of our trials, especially when we have overcome. Not for praise, but to uplift others.


God’s Voice

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re about to walk into a grocery store when someone walking by stops and says“God bless you.” You didn’t sneeze or help this person in any way to warrant the God bless you. And as if to make sure you heard him (or to get the job done) he says it again.

Someone on the street approaches you. He knows your name and claims to know you from school, but you know that you’ve never met him before.

Someone on your block calls out to you from across the street, puts his hands in the air and says, “God works in mysterious ways.” You smile and chuckle and he asks “you good?”

You are on your way to church and a man with a guitar is standing in your path. When you reach him he wants to shake your hand and tells you that he loves you.

Some may think that these are crazy people, but I don’t think so.

Did their words bring you comfort in a rough time in your life?

What would happen If you made a conscious effort to get to know them?

If you haven’t had these kind of experiences, ask yourself why.

Be Still

No condemnation, the price has been paid
No more death, a life has been raised
No control, no manipulation, no games
Progression and continuity remains
No more fear, no expectation, no guilt
Still standing on the foundation that has been built
Time for gratitude, to be still, to bask
The acquisition of knowledge a fruitless task
This is life, let us all cry together
We reflect the light, let us all live forever
We seek to participate in creation
Something real, something to feel,
the manifestation of the imagination

Game Of Life

The next generation has begun, the new systems have launched

These new systems are not backwards compatible

They were designed to break down

so that the old games can no longer be played

New players can have no nostalgia for these old games

Memory cards are not used anymore

History and progress is now stored in the cloud

Out of reach of up and coming players

No more treasure chests and hidden gems to discover

Players are unable to trade games freely with friends

They are neither passed down to the new players

They must register for their own accounts

Registration is free, but the cost of playing with pals has gone up

Virtual reality is the new gimmick to keep the player hooked

The old systems didn’t last because they were overplayed

The players lacked physical contact and outside exposure

These new gimmicks threaten to deprive them of these things completely

The controllers are streamlined to fit a player’s hands and head

The controllers are no longer attached to the system

But are now a part of the player

The game ends when full emersion is achieved

When the developers have control of the system, games and player